Thou Art Peter IV I


Thou Art Peter IV
I was profoundly moved by the homily at Mass today which focused heavily on the need to be thankful for and to love our Pope, the true unifiying voice on Earth for the Church. We are called to love him, pray for him, and honor both him and his office. The Papacy is the defining feature of the Catholic Church throughout the world. It is the reason why the official church may speak with one voice and teach one doctrine that is officially Catholic. There are many in dissent, but they choose to define themselves by the doctrines they wish to negate, hardly a good start. But the Catholic Church is One because it has for so long honored one Earthly leader embued with that power by One Savior, Lord, and God.

Another Poem, particularly fitting for John Paul II, from John Paul II.

Words Spoken by the Woman at the Well, on Departing
John Paul II

From this moment my ignorance
closes behind me like the door
through which you entered, recognizing
all I do not know.
And through me you led many people in silence,
many roads, and the turmoil of the streets.

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