New Virginia Candidates for Sainthood


New Virginia Candidates for Sainthood

Mr. Betts at Just Your Average Catholic Guy has this good news regarding the cause for a number of Jesuits who were attempting to work with the local Native Americans before "American History" actually started (1607, if you want the official date in the anti-Catholic Chronology). We don't acknowledge much, if anything happening in Virginia and the Carolinas before the Roanoke expedition, but these men were working among the Indians, and, in fact, brought Opechancanough (known in popular stories by his title--Powhatan) back to Spain for training. This is often used to help understand the attempted Indian Massacre of 1621-1622--Opechancanough was given enough of a glimpse of European life to realize what might happen to this continent as a result. Nevertheless, the work of these brave men (the Jesuits) has too long gone unrecognized in the public at large, and it is time to remedy that oversight.

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