My Response to Mr. Abbot


My Response to Mr. Abbot

Tom Abbott over at Goodform has issued a plea for payment to Mr. Shea for his redoubtable weblogging services. Below is part of my response.

You are, of course, correct in pointing out that Mr. Shea is a wordsmith for a living, as a great many of us are. We do not all ask for money for the service.

I don't fault Mr. Shea for doing so, I merely point out that there are a great many bloggers who make their livings by sharing their ideas, creativity, thoughts, passions, and insights in words. Not all of them ask for money to do so. I am somewhat neutral on the question of whether or not this would seem to require my donation to the cause. After all, it could be seen that my reading of his words is sufficient donation. For an author, an audience is part of the payment. Many CAN write, few command an audience. (As a cursory glance at most of our webstats would depressingly show).

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