Freshly-minted, Brand New Medieval Romances


Freshly-minted, Brand New Medieval Romances in HTML

I was about to blogout for the night when I happened upon a most glorious thing. These kinds of things make you realize how great is the Love of God for us. Out of nowhere, the TEAMs team at Rochester gave us perhaps a dozen new romances. Here's an excerpt of one:

Life of St. Katherine

Jesu Cryst, crowne of maydenes alle,
A mayde bare Thee, a mayde gave Thee soke;
Amongis the lilies that may not fade ne falle
Thou ledyst these folk, ryth so seyth oure boke.
With all her hert evyr on Thee thei loke;
Her love, her plesauns, so sore is on Thee sette
To sewe Thee, Lord, and folow thei can nott lette.

Also included in this great trove is the so-called "Prose Merlin," Walter Hilton's "Scale of Perfection," and numerous others with which I have not, until now, had the chance for intimate acquaintance. And now, as though by miracle, I have laid out for me my extra reading for the next several months. I am indeed, deeply grateful. God is so good! If you have failed to make the acquaintance of these great works and others, for shame! Hie thee hence, and be on with the great reading!

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