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Amphibious Goats and Other Unlikely Wildlife

I trust you are are following the musings and meditations on Amphibious Goat's site. Here one is given what appears to be a profoundly Orthodox, feminist, Catholic viewpoint on issues of the day concerning women. Here's a sample of her musings:

It's good to hear that Germaine Greer is figuring out what Feminists for Life has known all along. "Forty-million abortions are a reflection that we have failed women -- and women have settled for less," said Serrin Foster, president of Feminists for Life of America. "It is time for us to systematically eliminate the coercive factors that drive women to abortion -- primarily the lack of practical resources and emotional support. We invite all organizations -- including women's organizations that differ with us on abortion -- to join us. Every woman deserves better. We don't have to settle for less."

For those interested in alternative but still strictly Orthodox viewpoints, you would do well to stop by the site. The blogmaster appears to know the subject matter very well and has links to all sorts of interesting places--Feminists for Life (could you even imagine it?) and other "Feminist" pages. Find out that feminism doesn't mean merely Andrea Dworkin and her ilk--there is a huge range of viewpoints and it's good to be aware of them.

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