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I don't have much time this morning before work, so I shall be brief and hope I can return to other subjects later today.

I wanted to say something about communications to this site. I have decided not to follow the lead of many sites. Whatever is written to me in e-mail will remain private unless and until the author gives me permission to make such things public. My reasoning is as follows: I provide comment spaces here, where remarks meant for all can be made. People who wish to make remarks intended to foster discussion can use this mechanism. If they wish, they can remain anonymous in their comments. However, just as if someone sent a letter to me, unless they indicate that it can be shared with the world at large, to my mind it sets aside etiquette in the name of expedience. I do not fault the choices others have made, they have clearly indicated their preference and people responding to such sites know the rules beforehand. But I prefer to keep public and private worlds clearly separated. Therefore, if you send me a note, please indicate that you do not mind me sharing it with the world. If you do not do so, and I find something in it that all and sundry might profit from, I may paraphrase and attribute it to an anonymous source, but I will not use your words or your name.

I guess that's a long-winded way of saying--Comments are public, e-mails are private unless you indicate a willingness to share.

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