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Michael Crichton (may he rest in peace) died today. The bestseller industry is on the verge of disintegrating. May God preserve Stephen King a bit longer. The book industry is quivering.

Seriously, it is a great loss to those who enjoy popular literature and, of course, to his family. May God grant him rest and peace.

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Hollywood Celebrities

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I try very hard not to think about Hollywood celebrities, particularly when I'm trying to enjoy a film. And there are some lives and people that are nearly deliberate freakshows, but I have to admit to a not-quite-grudging, not-quite-full-fledged admiration of Jolie-Pitt--four children of their own, twins on the way and this. Anyone who encourages us to pay attention to the plight of children. Well, it's just plain hard not to admire that.

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A Temporary Possible Haitus

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Don't know what connectivity will be like over the next week or so as I venture into the hinterlands to visit relatives and take in a little autumnal color (if it still exists). If I'm not back in about 10 days, send out the search parties because the first recreation planned for our family group is a corn maze and pumpkin picking. I'm very dubious about this corn thing because after all if you've ever heard those weird noises it makes as it shoots up overnight.

Won't get as far as Ohio, but will be enjoying a long drive (I hope.) If all goes well will report as soon as connectivity is restored--perhaps tomorrow, perhaps later.

Please pray for us as we travel that the journey might be made in safety.

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Interesting. . .


I'm always interested with this sort of thing crops up. It seems to hearken atavistically to the days of pyromancy and scapulomancy and any other group of mancies you care to name.

In it I see the longing, the deep and abiding longing people have for a sign. As it was in the time of Jesus, and is now. "No sign shall be given you except the sign of Jonas." And that sign, descending into the belly of the beast to return to light once again, should be enough.

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R.I.P. Luciano Pavarotti


I'm sorry to hear of the passing of Luciano Pavarotti. While I have never been a profound fan of his voice; it was primarily his charisma and that of some fellow performers (Beverly Sills and others) that led to a brief, vibrant interest in opera, which has long since subsided to the present status-symbol supported institution that it has become. A man of great talent and tremendous personality, while he hasn't been very active in recent years, the loss of so great a talent is a loss for all.

"No man is an islande. . . "

"Goodnight sweet prince, may choirs of angels sing thee to thy rest."

And may almighty God receive him joyfully into his eternal home.

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It's astounding to me how much real trauma, work and fuss have to go into adjusting the software to compensating for the "new DST."

I honestly wish we had done away with this nonsense decades ago. But finances run the world and it is the financiers who gave us the new DST for whatever purposes they see it as useful. Frankly, whatever they gain is not worth what all of those who need to constantly shift our time frames lose.

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Two Films from the Ice Storm


Sent by a friend:

Deer Rescue

Bumper Cars

And I'm getting a little worried here--we've had to run our air conditioner on and off through both December and January. Today it's expected to be 82 with a thunderstorm in the afternoon leading to cool off--that means a really wretched flea and mosquito season and who knows what other seasonal anomalies.

My prayers go out to those affected by these terrible storms.

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