1000 Novels You MUST Read

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Don't you just love lists?

This one has a thousand titles but best of all, it's filled with article after article and list after list of stuff to read. Yep! Stuff to read.

And for those who want "just the facts," here's a link to just the list.

It surely is a list!

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Steven, you had me at hello!!!

I just love lists. =D

G.K. Chesterton once wrote, "The greatest of poems is an inventory"--and wasn't he right??? (Dylan, Meredith and possibly you, too, Steven, might take some real issue with that, however!)


Six Wodehouse novels: better than it might have been.

None of them is Leave it to Psmith: inexcusable.

Dear Enbrethiliel,

As to the inventory--I like 'em. A lot! I may even find myself in rare agreement with one of G.K.'s obiter dicta. (Well not so rare, but I just have this sort of envy thing going on with the way he was able to reel them off.)

Dear Tom,

Ah. So one who is not so well acquainted might take that to be a recommendation. At least this one would.



Well, I'm gonna print it out and see how many I've read. I LOVE stuff like this.

But it makes my life seem short. Not nearly enough time for this many books.




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