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Just a personal note that might set the scene for you:

I often get up and get dressed largely in the dark because I leave early and Linda is still asleep.

Yesterday, I followed this routine.

Now, you need to know that before Christmas I purchased a very comfortable pair of Rockport shoes that were semi-dressy to wear to a business event. For Christmas I received the casual version of said shoe.

And yes, somehow the two pairs were in close juxtaposition so I arrived at work wearing one brown show and one black shoe. (After all, once you've put them on, who really looks at shoes?)

Having gotten here and started to walk into work, I discovered my error. Did I go home and change shoes (a fifteen minute ride?)

Certainly not. I went through the day in my two-colors of shoes and except for the person I actually showed it to, no one appeared to notice at all.

(We work in a building with a lot of designers, so this kind of thing is something that would not go uncommented on--very likely with favorable connotations.)

Anyway, that's kind of my life these days--one black shoe and one brown shoe and walking down the street anyway!

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Steven, I can totally relate. About 6 months ago I got all the way to Mass with two different shoes on. They were both brown so it didn't really jump out at anyone, but still.... :)




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