The Rosary: A Journey to the Beloved


This book by Gary Jansen is yet another discussion of the Rosary. But this one has a number of differences that makes it stand out from the rest. While Mr. Jansen gives a brief overview of the history and meaning of the prayer, he also opens it up to our protestant brethren, suggesting variations that encourage the same mediation on the mysteries, the same rounds of prayer, but deemphasizing the Marian elements that might be off-putting. He even adds suggestions for mysteries that might be good to reflect upon for those who have no problems with the Marian aspects--The Second Coming and The Kingdom of God. Those of us used to the pattern of prayer might ignore these, but I think they would appeal to a great many people--myself included.

Also, in the section that covers each mystery, beads are shown on the page and and can be used to say the prayers. The art for each mystery varies, from some classic and beautiful images to some more modern and haunting images (for example, the picture shown for the resurrection.)

Finally, Mr. Jansen incorporates the Luminous mysteries into the bok between the joyful and sorrowful, giving the fullness of the Rosary--a reflection on the complete Life of Jesus Christ including the ministerial years.

In addition to being short and encouraging, the price is right as a gift for a friend who may be unfamiliar with the Rosary, or, for one like me, who finds a deep challenge in the prayer. This book was a positive encouragement to pray this powerful and beautiful (if difficult) prayer. I've said it somewhat easier in the past few days with the help of the meditations, pictures, and quiet advice of Mr. Jansen.

Highly recommended for everyone.

On a personal note: This book arrived completely out of the blue and given the struggle I've had in recent days, it was a gift from Heaven. I have been able to pray the Rosary more easily (though still not easily) and I am encouraged as I dip into the pages of the book from time to time. I am reminded that in the Rosary, I am praying with a dear friend who cares for me deeply and personally--she who has been given the privilege to be Mother of Our Savior and Mother to the World. I can't thank God enough for the blessings of this book and its timing.

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