Jesus Is My All in All Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta


With the gift-giving season approaching, this handsome small book is a perfect, thoughtful present for anyone who wishes to pray more earnestly and to understand the spirituality of Mother Teresa better.

After a short introduction and some general instructions in prayer there follows the text of a novena illustrated with photographs of the great lady hereself. The texts for each day's novena prayer are drawn from the writings and sayings of Mother Teresa and each day focuses on a different aspect of learning to love God better.

I am not a great devotee of novenas; however, I found the texts within the novena prayers to be fruitful for thought, meditation, and spurs to contemplative prayer.

A beautifully bound book, relatively inexpensive and well-worth the money as a gift for a catechumen, a candidate for confirmation, or any person who you know needs a boost and a reminder of the Hope that we all have and hold.

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