The Last Oracle--James Rollins


James Rollins is a dependable deliverer of relatively well-written thriller/adventure novels that often have an almost-supernatural theme, but are always concerned with oddities and arcana of our present world. So it is with this novel. Take one book and stuff into it, autism, the oracle of Delphi, gypsies, India, Chernobyl, The uranium mining district of the Southern Ural mountains, mad Russian scientists, mad American Scientists, and a homeless man gunned down on the Washington Mall, and you get a small impression of the heady brew that Rollins can mix together when his mind is tuned to it.

This was a fun romp through a fascinating fictional world of prodigious autistic children and a loving Ape named Marta. If you're into the work of Preston and Child, Matt Reilly, Dean Koontz (particularly the Odd books), and others of this ilk and you need to while away an idle hour or two in an airplane, this is an interesting book with which to do it.

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