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My diocese is undertaking an unusual task this election season. There is a series of sessions offered at different churches throughout the diocese dedicated to attuning your conscience to the teaching of the Church in political matters. I haven't attended one of these and I'm uncertain if I will because I half dread what may be there, but I hail the effort as one that should be forcefully undertaken if in accord with actual Church teachings. (I haven't come to a determination about where my Bishop stands in these matters--it is somewhat difficult to determine. His sole interest appears to be justice and equity (as he sees it) for immigrants of all stripes.)

But a good statement about political consciousness and voting is something long overdue. It should be sounding from the pulpits, and if we had no tax exemption it would be sounding from the pulpits. As it stands our tax-status is a major stumbling block to spreading the word as it should be spread. (Well, not entirely--the tax-status is the same as it was in the 1950s when you would hear thundering from the pulpit on political issues--the government through IRS has found another way to block free speech. But so long as this is the code and this is what we face, better to render unto Caesar so that we can more effectively render unto God.)

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