Our Hideous Culture


Today in e-mail I received one of the more hideous come-ons I've seen in some time. I hesitate to share it because it was so awful; however, to blast it, it must come into the light.

It was a note that something about pain and suffering and the only line of the e-mail was "Jolie twins die of post-natal complications: see-it."

The awfulness of this knows no bounds--that someone would seek to exploit the prurience and the compassion of people in this way is indicative of just what kind of people we have become. The culture of death is in the ascendant (as if we had any doubt) and this is simply one of the pustules that form as a result.

If there were some way to reach through the internet and shake some sense into people, a note like this would certainly provoke me to do so.

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