Sam's Birthday

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What can I say to ten years of complete blessing except, "Thank you, Jesus."

As we were preparing the guest list for the festivities Saturday, Sam mentioned the name of a person he had known some time ago. This person tormented him and threatened him and had he been a few years older and in a different place probably would have spent a good deal of time beating him up. In short, a brutal bully. Yes, I know this is more a reflection on family and upbringing than necessarily on the child; however, one must recognize the truth of the matter, this was not a person you wanted to be around. He asked to invite this person and we asked why in the world he would want to. Sam said, "What about 'bless those who persecute you'?"

I said, "We are to bless them, but not invite them to come and persecute us."

Sam remained quietly adamant. And probably rightfully so. Nevertheless, that name was not added to the guest list.

On the way home the other day he was talking about his falling domino project. He said he had drawn up a blueprint for a new one. In addition he was very excited about a new idea. "If you parachutify a domino and blow it in with a fan to start the whole thing tumbling, wouldn't that be cool?

Finally yesterday he was discussing the hoary old trope about the many similarities between the assassinations of Kennedy and Lincoln. He began with, "When Lincoln was assassinified. . . "

Every day something new, every day something wonderful. "Whoever receives one child such as this in my name, receives me. (Mark 9:37).

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Happy birthday to Sam, who apparently shares today's birthday with my Dominic (age four)!

Oh, happy happy birthday Samuel! God bless you and keep you!



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