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Once again Samuel got a Superior in the local piano judging. This makes him eligible for the state competition, which, for various reasons, we probably will not attend.

However, what is most remarkable about this is that Samuel achieved his superior while playing a required piece from a book one-year in advance of his present level.

I don't know how they do all these things, but his book is rated a year higher than his "grade" in piano. However, Samuel is a good deal more advanced in understanding if not practical ability than one year. He's already capable of composing variations and "voices" of his subject matter that made it an urgent necessity for his teacher to impress upon him the need to play the notes that are written, not the notes as they are heard in Samuel's head.

I can't tell you how delighted I am for him. But I was delighted yesterday when he was unsure of how he did emphasizing the three important things: You enjoy yourself, make sure your audience enjoys themselves, and do your best. Ratings don't matter, the satisfaction of doing a thing as well as you are capable is the real reward in any sort of competitive interaction.

Now, if we can just instill the idea that raw talent is not enough. . . practice is required.

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Congratulations, Steven. Good for Samuel. Maybe some day you can record an mp3 of him playing, and send it out to anyone interested. I would like to hear him.
God bless,



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