Ten Favorite Cities

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TSO listed his, here are mine:

Washington D.C.
San Antonio
San Diego
Everglades City (hardly even a town, and lovely)
Naples, FL.

Well, I guess I don't have ten. I do have a short-list of ciities I would like never to go to again, or in the event that I've never been there, to be spared that ordeal:

Atlantic City
St. Louis
New Orleans
Las Vega
Los Angeles

And may favorite near neighbor city:

Victoria, British Columbia

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Never been to San Diego, but as nice as the weather is it'd probably be worth going to for that reason alone.

I've heard it said that Montreal is the most European city on this side of the pond. I should get there some day.

Dear TSO,

I love San Diego for the enormous amount of history that surround it--San Diego de Alcala, San Luis Rey de Francia, even San Juan Capistrano, which is at a bit of a distance. Also, La Jolla and its spectacular scenery. And also for the fact that it is one of those places where you can walk across an international border that really seems international. (I know, you can walk across the border to Canada, but it doesn't seem quite as exotic.)

I was going to put Dallas on my list of least favorite cities, but my most recent trip there completely changed my mind about it thanks to several bloggers who made the experience utterly delightful.

Thanks for your note.





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