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Check this review or the slashdot review roundup to correct a few misconceptions about the availability of "outside" material on the Kindle.


At the end of the day, Amazon's DRM applies only to books you actually buy - everything else works natively or with minimal hassle.

It's surprisingly easy to get non-Amazon material on it. I just plug it in to the USB cable which perpetually hangs off the back of my laptop, and it shows up as a hard drive. I drop .txt and .mobi files into the "Book" folder and they show up. I convert a handful of PDFs to .mobi files using Mobi Creator and they work perfect, Tables of Contents and all. Sweet.

And, I'm noting that others seem to agree with me in one of the great ironies of recent time: Amazon, the great online retailer, needs a brick and mortar presence to get these into the hands of people who might use them. I know I'm disinclined to purchase another pig in a poke.

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one of the great ironies of recent time...

I agree, because I am really interested in seeing their ink-like display, and I probably wouldn't buy one unless I can see it first. That's the way it was with the high resolution Palm pilot screens; seeing one in a store was what convinced me that I wanted one.



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