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In addition to the two that you hear much about here I have the following three on my stack and alternating:

Envious Casca Georgette Heyer--one of her mysteries, and while I'm not sure of its substance as a mystery, it is utterly delightful as a character study of some really unlikable people who Georgette teaches you to like--at a distance.

Come Be My Light Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta. More from this later--tomorrow perhaps. Humility, patience, obedience--we don't begin to know the meanings of the words. And reading this book only scratches the surface of a real Saint. Obviously, I await the solemn declaration of the Church, not leaping ahead to conclusions, but one cannot help what one thinks in the matter--I am so blessed just to read about her. All of you should be as well--get this book and read it, enjoy it, learn to live by it. There is much here to instruct anyone who is serious about following God.

The New Woman Jon Hassler--a Staggerford Novel. Think Jan Karon, take away some of the saccharine, make it Catholic and cold, and you've got Jon Hassler's Minnesota--a land vaguely similar to the Lake Woebegone of Garrison Keillor, but with a distinctively Catholic bent. This is the book our small book group decided would be next on the list. (Even though all of us were also reading or rereading Ralph Nader's magnificent The Seventeen Traditions--another highly recommended read.

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Reading Come Be My Light is almost like reading Scripture.

Dear TSO,

Apt analogy. I tend to think of the Saints as "Living Scripture." They are the examples that show us how scripture plays out in a real life of a real person who had to deal with everything we have to deal with.




Reading that section about the "thirst of Christ", one gets a very clear picture of how God has an obsession with other people (and I'm very glad too since I'm one of those "other people"). And talk about the stakes! Jesus told Mother Teresa that souls of Indian children were being lost, implying they were going to hell. Reading about MT is like reading about an incredible spiritual athlete performing with the game on the line.



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