A Temporary Possible Haitus

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Don't know what connectivity will be like over the next week or so as I venture into the hinterlands to visit relatives and take in a little autumnal color (if it still exists). If I'm not back in about 10 days, send out the search parties because the first recreation planned for our family group is a corn maze and pumpkin picking. I'm very dubious about this corn thing because after all if you've ever heard those weird noises it makes as it shoots up overnight.

Won't get as far as Ohio, but will be enjoying a long drive (I hope.) If all goes well will report as soon as connectivity is restored--perhaps tomorrow, perhaps later.

Please pray for us as we travel that the journey might be made in safety.

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Still plenty of color as far north as Michigan, so I'm sure there will be plenty for you to take in. Have a great time!! :)



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