Two Ways of Saying the Same Thing


Two quite similar poems about the same thing:

Dark, Dark My Light, and Darker My Desire

The world is haunted
by shadows
flattened people and places
words spoken once
repeated endlessly
in a million places
all at once.

What we see is not
real and all that is
real is haunted by the shadows
that change the warp and weft
of what is.

We quote words we've
heard too many times
but never spoken
by a person--only
the words of colored shadows.


We live in the shadow of shadows
in the haunted specter
of what once was real
and has no substance even now

a world haunted by shadows
flattened people and places
that grow to be more real
than those we walk through every day.

We listen to the words spoken
once and resounding
through the universe
filling up time and space.

What we see is not now real
and it replaces what we
can touch as more cherished,
more worshipped, more respected.

As poetry, I don't suppose either is terribly good. I'm not pretending that. But I like the idea behind them enough to preserve them and perhaps work from them to a more robust representation of what is in my mind.

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