Praise God High and Low

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Today was another really interesting day. It started off in a wonderful morning burst of creativity and was kept up by high-octane excitement and participation throughout the day until the very end of the day. Then came the crushing kick in the teeth.

And I wonder now, what God is telling me in the pattern of the day. And what I hear, whether valid or not is, "Praise Him anyway." Praise Him on the mountains, praise Him in the valleys and the pits. No matter how you feel praise Him and thank Him and ask Him to shine His light on the day--only in that way will it become clear what the lesson for the day is.

I still don't know it, but I can choose to wallow in emotive misery or I can choose to praise Him, and it seems that the latter choice is the better.

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Re: "I can choose to wallow in emotive misery or I can choose to praise Him..."

I like to think that if it were me I'd choose to praise Him while looking for another job.

Dear TSO,

Were it always so, that would be wisdom. But we're talking a roller coaster--a big high, a huge drop and one heckuva ride. God gave me this position and until the drop is so deep that the coaster stops, I'll just hang on and praise Him.

But thank you for the practical wisdom.



I usually choose to wallow, but He always makes me snap out of it sooner or later.

I did say "I'd like to think..." since I'm certainly prone to wallowing in emotive misery.

I'd mistaken your current position as not being God-given, so yes, please disregard my statement lest I be accused of being Satan, as Christ said of Peter.

Dear TSO,

Dear me, there is some difficulty over the word "position."

By position, I meant in the original the job or situation I presently hold, and I wasn't thinking the particular difficulty. However, now that you mention it, even the particular difficulty is made possible by God's will and I suppose that it's given as well!

Thank you for some very fruitful thought over a post that didn't really deserve it.



Ha, I meant "position" in the sense you did. But glad you were able to see beyond that and derive more from it!



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