A Dream


that needs recording.

I am in a large field with some friends, most of them in Edwardian gowns (yes, they're female). I tell Sam that we need some water. He goes off and comes back and says that he dug in the ground and some water came out, and he has about half a bucket full. I tell him to dig a channel toward us and the water will flow out and he won't have to carry it in buckets. He does so with a hoe-like implement with a triangular head. As he does it, we see the water forming a river, literally tumbling and pouring out.

As we approach the source of the spring, there is suddenly a white pavillion and pool. The pool is shaped like two eights crossed at the center, to give a kind of circular cruciform appearance.

I remember voluminous weeping in awe and wonder.

As I tend to pay attention to dreams--they say something at least about what's going on inside one's head, this one seemed notable and interesting.

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