My Life with the Saints

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The charms of this book by Father James Martin, S.J. are numerous.

It is simply written. It is deeply personal. It combines autobiography with biography, Fr. Martin's life with the lives of the Saints who have come to mean a great deal to him. In it we learn both about Father Martin and about how the saints can come to have meaning in our own lives.

Father Martin writes about Saints--Bernadette, Francis, Dominic, Ignatius, and about saints, Dorothy Day, Thomas Merton, Pedro Arrupe, and others. In doing so he emphasizes the aspects of the lives of holy people that appeal to him. He emphasizes the dual role of saints--example and intercessor.

As I read through the book I thought about my own list of people who had influenced me and who I hope, are interceding for me constantly at the Father's right hand--St. Therese, St. Teresa, St. Teresa Benedicta, St. John of the Cross, St. Benedict, St. Augustine, St. Charles Foucauld, St. Thomas More, St. Edward Campion, St. Robert Southwell. I also considered those not yet recognized by the church, or possibly never to be recognized by the Church, and yet whose influence has been profound--Walter Hilton, the author of "The Cloud of Unknowing," Thomas a Kempis, Thomas Merton, Dorothy Day, my own grandmother and grandfather--holy people all, living out their lives in the only way they knew how. Perhaps not examples of heroic sanctity, but certainly in that second tier of those who did better than I seem to be at the present time--people to look up to and to emulate in their strengths, and who teach through their faults.

So, all in all, a book to help you think about how you relate to the Saints--a book to help you see how life is shaped by their companionship and intercession. A book highly recommended to all who wish to explore more about the Saints and particularly about how we can learn to grow closer to them.

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Good to see you posting again, Steven. Sounds like a fine book.

according to Wikipedia, Charles de Foucauld has not yet been canonized; was beatified by Pope Benedict in Nov. 2005

...but it's only a matter of time!

Dear Jeff,

Thank you very much.

Dear Dylan,

Always a pleasure to hear from you. Thank you so much for taking the time to write the correction.





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