Meet the Robinsons

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In two words--"See it."

A loving and passionate tribute to the legend of Walt Disney the man in every possible way those words can be interpreted. Inventive, funny, inspirational, loving, and ultimately reaffirming about those things that matter most in family life.

I want to encourage everyone to pour their money into seeing this film to send the message that we want more films like these. I would far rather sit in the theatre for two hours to see this than to see the drivel that has recently been poured out as fare for our children.

So, to reiterate, "See it."

No, I'm not going to tell you about it--not a word--every moment is a surprise, although adults will see the denouement long before the end. The only words that need be said is that I didn't have a single "cringe" moment in the course of the entire work. Rare nowadays even for a family film. Go, take your children and enjoy.

Oh, and I saw the 3-D version and it was perfect--not a lot of stuff to just get a reaction, but it really added to the depth of the film. (Yes, I know, throw rotten materials elsewhere please.)

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I've been meaning to blog on Meet the Robinsons. I loved it too. Might not be the best choice for the smallest set, though -- some of the tense moments (thought not at all gory) were too much for Hambet (who is six.)



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