Why I Like the Blogging World

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A short trip to the local Borders reminded me of why I so cherish the blogging world.

Sometimes I'm in the mood for a bite, not for an entire roast, cake, or sandwich, but a tidbit to tide me over. I glanced over the racks of magazines and saw specialties for sailing, gender issues, computers, finance, beadworking, photography, sodoku, kakaro, vacations, "gender issues," commentary, news magazines, and eastern religions and practice, among other things. Not a single Christian oriented magazine (except Sojourners) peeped around any rack or shield to wag a finger at me. Not a single periodical with some tantilizing small article on . . . well who knows what.

But pick your blog-world stops well and you can get theology as mathematical equation, mathematical equation as theology, satire, book review, serious commentary on issues of the day, nonserious comment on issues of the day, comment on issues of yesterday and WAAAAAAAY before, commentary and insight into almost anything you can begin to imagine in the way of Christian thought and practice. Some better written, prettier, and more civil than others, but all available just for stopping by.

We are gift to each other in this way, and I am most grateful for the gift of each day. Thank you all.

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You have hit the nail on the head! :-)

You're welcome, dear. We try.

I try to explain our virtual community to non-bloggers and they just don't get it - but you have pointed out a very real advantage. And the blog world helped me to get to know people who have been very helpful lately with some personal issues.

Dear Steven,

That's a neat analogy. It's as if St Blog's is a giant rambling Catholic magazine published daily with each blogger as a columnist/contributing editor.

Cheers -




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