A Martyr for the Truth

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For later consideration--Franz Jagerstätter.

Quotation: I can say from my own experience how painful life often is when one lives as a halfway Christian; it is more like vegetating than living.

Glimpses of life:

When the Nazis arrived, not only did he refuse collaboration with their evil intentions, he even rejected benefits from the regime in areas that had nothing to do with its racial hatreds or pagan warmongering. It must have hurt for a poor father of three to turn down the money to which he was entitled through a Nazi family assistance program. But that is what he did. And the farmer paid the price of discipleship when — after a storm destroyed crops — he would not take the emergency aid offered by the government.

A Father Jochmann was the prison chaplain in Berlin and spent some time with Jägerstätter that day. He reports that the prisoner was calm and uncomplaining. He refused any religious material, even a New Testament, because, he said, "I am completely bound in inner union with the Lord, and any reading would only interrupt my communication with my God."

This is a man to look to for inspiration and courage!

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We need to hear more about priests like this, who stood up against the Nazis. And there were many, many.

Dear M. Vidal,

Mr. Jagerstätter was a lay person. In doing what he did, he went against the advice of a number of Bishops and priests. Because he did so, although his cause has been advanced, it is likely to face a considerable uphill struggle. Nevertheless, I think with our perspective of distance in time, we can readily see that he chose the right moral path.

But your point is well taken and there are a great many voices yet to be heard from. From Pere Jacques to those whose names we do not even know yet.

Thank you.



He was a lay person? Great! That makes it even better! Don't we need lay people need such examples. And too many people think the German people did nothing against Hitler.....

Dear M. Vidal,

I couldn't agree more!



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