A Request for Prayers


A gift for Lent--I offer you good causes to pray for, thus practicing one of the three staples and foundations of Lenten discipline.

The people where I work are "living in interesting times." We are up for sale for the second time in five years and that has everyone a little edgy. Please pray for a successful sale that will allow us to resume our usual business.

In addition to the broader concerns of the company, I am living in especially interesting times with regard to work and would appreciate prayers. As far as I can discern all possible news would be good, but I'm waiting on tenterhooks to find out what will happen and there are enormous temptations to pride and other sins.

Finally, a young man who works with me recently announced that his wife gave birth to a child 10 weeks premature. Please pray for Coral that she quickly "comes up to speed." Everything seems okay so far, but you know how delicate the situation of a premature infant can be. Let's pray for continued stability and rapid improvement.

Thank you!

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