Sometimes You Just Need to Be Kicked in the Head Enough

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I don't know how many times I may have heard something like this; however, this is the time it finally made sense.

from Hammer and Fire
Fr. Raphael Simon OCSO

The angelic intelligence, superior to the human, sees in one glance the alternatives of choice and their consequences. The angelic will is then fixed in its election. When the rebellious angels preferred disobedience they knew that they had made their final choice. It is not so with us, and to us alone God gave a redeemer.

How awful. How terrible to be able to look upon the magnificence of God and choose something else. How inconceivable. We at least have the story of being persuaded to our doom--a poor excuse, but none the less the effort of a tempter. The Angels had no such persuasion; moreover, they could look upon the Glory of God Himself and see it clearly. Simply incomprehensible.

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I sometimes think of how Adam must feel, seeing how
his sin set about so much misery, a misery that
extended even to God himself having to experience
misery here on earth. It's mind-bloggling that a sin
could cause so much damage. But I'm sure if we could
see the extent of the damage of our sin we'd be
similarly horrified.



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