Some Sounds of My Time (Before My Time)

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Curved Air, "Melinda More or Less" featuring the remarkable voice of Sonja Kristina

The equally remarkable Annie Haslam with Renaissance

I entered the musical world at a date later than these bands and discovered them in retrospect. Those I discovered as they came along include:

Camel and The Snow Goose, their finest effort:

And then there is:

"In the Court of the Crimson King"

Eddie Jobson, who worked with, among others UK and Ultravox--here with Memories of Vienna

The weird, even for me, even at that time, The Residents with "The Simple Song"

And Gentle Giant giving us the odd poetry of psychiatrist (and bad poet) R. D. Laing in a modern-day madrigal--"Knots"

The Strawbs with Rick Wakeman at the Keyboard--"The Hangman and the Papist"

And Peter Gabriel in his previous incarnation as the Leader of Genesis

The guitarist, Steve Hackett, on his own. . .

Finally, because the fifth amendment is insufficient protection for some of the excesses of youth, the remarkable John Foxx, one of the talents behind Ultravox.

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Can I comment here as well?

Ah, the Residents. What a band. Around here there is still a certain elitism around those who know their real identities.



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