Okay, One Step Beyond Lene

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Possibly inspired by her, possibly part of the zeitgeist Nina Hagen was Germany's response to Lene Lovich. And here you see her at her best.

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Ok, you're scaring me here, Steven. LOL!!

Dear Tom,

She is a bit. . . uh. . . scary, isn't she?



I am guessing that you are also a Diamanda Galas fan, no?

Dear Erik,

In fact, I've never heard of her. Looking her up, it appears that she really launched her career long after I had stopped paying much attention to the "new stuff that was around." (Grunge was a major turn-off for me.) Reading about her work, she doesn't sound like my cup of tea. The vocal range is impressive as is the list of composers she worked with. However, in general, if the biography and reviews are any indication, she's way too down-beat for me. I listen to music, particularly Lene and Nina for energy, pep, and even a little sprightliness.

However, I am intrigued, and perhaps I'll need to look into her oeuvre. Is there anything you would recommend?





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