Two More Words, and then I'll Try to Shut Up About It

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I can't help it. Two more words from Dom Columba, words that reflect the wisdom of all the Saints through the ages.

from Union with God
Blessed Dom Columba Marmion

Do all things solely for love of Our Lord and, for love of HIm, accept all that He permits; give yourself up to love without looking either to the right or the left. Accept, without troubling yourself about them, the annoyances and difficulties through which you are passing at present. What you have to do by obedience, do as well as ever you can, but without being anxious whether others are pleased with you or blame you, whether they love you or don't love you. It ought to be enough for you to be loved by Our Lord.


Try to smile lovingly at every manifestation of God's will.

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What consoling and edifying words - these, as well as the other reflections of Dom Columba's that you have posted recently.

Thanks so much, Steven. They are balm to the soul, aren't they?



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