The Feast Day of St. John of the Cross

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If time permits, more about this later.

I suppose it is politically incorrect to continue a fast on a feast day. I'll have to look it up. On the other hand, could there possibly be a better way to honor this great Saint? (Other than to immerse oneself in contemplation--which is a dicey proposition at best when viewed as a goal.)

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Well, that's an interesting idea. It seems appropriate. We usually focus on the "Feast" part of feast days even going so far as to take a "break" during Lent on St. Patrick's day. Of course that day feasting does seem more appropriate.

Happy Feast Day!

You're the expert, but it seems to me about the only wrong way to honor him would be to look up the right way to honor him in a book.

I'll feast in your stead. Least I can do!

Dear Tom,

Excellent point! It does seem a trifle methodical for the usual Carmelite way, doesn't it?

Dear TSO,

Thank you. Please do, I'm sure St. John of the Cross would be pleased. Along with St. Teresa of Avila, I'm certain that he had no truck with "sour-faced Saints."

Dear Goodform--

You're right. On St. Patrick's day feasting is called for--no question. (He's my baptismal Saint.)





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