Samuel's First Altar Service

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This evening was Samuel's first altar service. A wonderful deacon, and an older girl managed to get him through the Mass without calamity. He took the bell-ringing duty because they didn't feel he was up to the book.

Everything went so well that we deemed it a special occasion so we went out to the local sushi place where he astounded the waitress and appalled his mother (yet again) by ordering and devouring the octopus sushi. (The last time we went the Japanese waitress said that most people bring in food from Chick Fil- A for their kids while they eat Japanese--so she was really surprised to see him devouring sushi.) In addition, he had gyoza, california roll, and chicken teriyaki. The only thing he doesn't seem to care for is miso.

Any way, a good evening and a wonderful way to lead into the celebration of Christmas.

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Congratulations to Samuel ... it is a big step when you become an altar server. As the mother of two former altar servers I now know every step right or wrong that can be made. :-)

Merry Christmas!

Just wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas!



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