More Nonsense "For Our Own Good"

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I'm not a liberatarian. I'm not a "small government is good government person" in general principle. But I am annoyed when government finds nothing better to do with itself than meddle in the kitchens of donut shoppes and fast-food eateries.

Yes, trans-fats are probably bad for you--but isn't that a matter of personal responsibility? Why should the government step in if I happen to like the taste of the trans-fats? Alcohol is probably responsible for an equal, if not greater proportion of deaths. Shall we phase out alcohol in our margaritas and rum-punches? Shall we ban raw vanilla?

Sheer silliness, sheer interfering silliness.

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Shall we phase out alcohol in our margaritas and rum-punches?

They tried that, and 73 years ago, the madness ended (although there is still room to improve). The same impulse keeps popping its nasty, little, pointy head up with trans-fat, sugar, smoking, seatbelts, etc.

What to do about it?

Take the Pledge!

No kidding! This is the slippery slope that Chicago started down first by banning foie gras and then following it up with a trans fat ban (can't remember if that has gone through or not yet). aaargh!

Ah, foie gras. Now, if you could please mention Peter Singer, that will immediately cause my Peter Singer/PETA rule to go into effect (which is that whenever I see either name in print (blogs count), I make a point of eating veal or foie gras within the next 48 hours). So, please. Mention them.



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