Florida Weather Silliness

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People elsewhere in the country would laugh themselves silly if they could see those of us basking in the [relative] warmth of Central Florida. Last night and this morning the weather forecasters put on their dire and doomed faces and warned us about bone-chilling and dangerous cold that was coming our way. Last night the temperatures were to plunge to 54 degrees, with a high not much above sixty today. And tonight, horrors! bring in the dogs, batten down the hatches, get out the emergency supplies--the temperature is to plunge into the forties, perhaps resolving at about 42 degrees.

I remember the first year I was hear, my wife and I were wandering around Sea World wearing shorts and a light jacket and the people manning the ticket stations were in parkas, gloves, hats, and even scarves. We had just come from Columbus, Ohio, where the temperatures were at a steady 30-40 degree range, and it was 65 and breezy here in Orlando. We laughed ourselves silly. Unfortunately, the next year, similar circumstances, and we had already adapted--parkas, gloves, and hats at 60 degrees.

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That's cold from Summa Minutiae on December 8, 2006 11:35 AM

Mr. Riddle just blogged about Florida's terrible cold snap :-) Last night on the prairies of Illinois, the wind chill was -10 F; at sunrise the temp was 7 F. Heck, we're even colder than Winnipeg today!... Read More


So true. It is amazing how our bodies get recalibrated to thinking 42 degrees is really cold. It certainly feels like that even though looking a the thermometer I think something must be wrong to me when other places I have lived going back up to 42 was a hint of spring.

Thanks for posting this, Steven. As a Michigander I always lunge my chest out a bit when I hear these types of things. ;-)

Dear Tom,

Ah, yes. But you should see the wimpy Michiganders come Florida summer--red as beets at 84 degrees, you'd think the world was ending. :-D

People from Latitude 40 forget that we are very near the Tropic of Cancer (how appropriately named). The rays of the sun are quite a bit more direct and equal time exposure to that in the milder climes will get you a 2nd degree sunburn.





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