Samuel came into work with me today.

As we pulled into the parking garage he said, "I've been waiting for that [whatever "that" was] for decades. . . which is a derivative from the Latin decem meaning ten."

Well, I'd have been astonished if Linda hadn't told me he had come up with that himself yesterday and if I hadn't had last night's experience.

Standing in the grocery store checkout line he announces to the check-out girl, "I can conjugate the verb amo--amo, amas, amat, amamis, amatis, amant." Then a moment later, "I can decline the noun mensa, " which he proceeded to do. One of the girls at the checkout said, "Little boy, I go to college and I don't know that much. Stop it!" And we all burst out laughing. Of course we gave the lecture about showing off--but you can imagine how much good THAT did.

Finally, this morning, I greeted him, "Quid agis, hodie?. And he responded Statis bene. And I reminded him of the courteous, Gratias tibi ago. Guess I need to practice my own very rudimentary Latin if I am to keep up.

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