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I wrote what is below for a blogger depressed by election results, I thought it bore repeating, though I've already said much the same thing here today.

My point was that we may have precisely what we deserve; however, even in this God's will is done. And even though it is not His perfect and Ordained will, I will rejoice in His hand in this and in all things because we do not know how He will turn it to good.

To see it as anything other than God's will is the road to being depressed, but there's nothing to be depressed about--if things turn out as you say, then they will change with the changing of the times. If they do not, then we've spent today in tears over a tomorrow that never comes.

All I want to say, is don't lose heart, turn to God, pray and restore what was lost in the process. I wasn't faulting you for an opinion, nor do I fault the attitude, I just want to point out what a waste it is. This is the moment for prayer, the perfect time to turn to God and say, "So what's up with that, Lord? Nevertheless, not my will, but thy will be done--show me what I can do to ameliorate the consequences."

I know, you don't want to hear it at this time, but that's the time you most need to hear it. Prayer heals all wounds, even these great ones. It heals all ills. God is God alone and Lord of All--what He has fashioned we cannot undo and what He undoes we strive in vain to renew. But we can do all things through Him who strengthens us.

That's my message to depressed Christians today. Pray, pray, pray. Remember this and pray that God raises up Godly leaders who will lead us rather than be led by us.

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Pray, pray, pray.

And fast.

Perhaps there are Godly leaders to be found among the candidates you didn't vote for. Perhaps humans judge at one level and God sees more good than we are able to.

Dear C,

My point was not really about me, because I will wait to see what God has wrought. It was more for people who were suffering the unbearable sense of being let down because of the results.

Nevertheless, your point is well made. I can say with fair certainty in the races I actually chose to vote in there were people whose public positions did not create moral conflicts for me, whether or not they could be described as overtly Godly.

However, what I'd really like to see is a person who does not wear his or her religion on the sleeve and yet leads from a heart of faith, rather like St. King Louis, or others of the sort--where one doesn't need to make a point of church-attendance, even if one is faithful about, but that the effect of that church attendance is visible in the public works of the person.

And there may be some candidates like that. None that I saw in my state, unfortunately.





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