God's Will Is Done

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And it remains to be seen whether we have been given the government we deserve or the government of God's mercy. My instinct is that it is business as usual on Capitol Hill; however, my political instincts are nil, and we might well be under the hand of His Mercy rather than under the hand of His Permissive will. Pray that it be so.

And every day, add to your intentions for the day that God raise up leaders who follow Him and who look to Him rather than to themselves to to society for guidance and nurture.

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One other option is that we are under God's Punishment, a more vigorous form of God's permissive will.

Dear Eric,

That is the implication of "the government we deserve." Sometimes the most severe punishment is to allow us to live out the implication of our choices. Thanks for making that point.



It is an interesting thing to think about. For Dante, exile was almost as bad as death, yet exile is exactly what the Lot party were dealt, and an exile much like that imposed by the Florentine podestas: the family house razed. And this was what happened to a good man.

Is the suggestion that Lot should have done more to uplift Sodom (and to keep his wife in good moral stead) or is it this a prefiguration of bearing the cross or is this simply an example of a world without the redemption of the cross?



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