For the "Death Isn't the Worst Thing" People

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The abuse of an argument does not render an argument invalid, but it does suggest that it be used very carefully.

The words below are an excerpt of the defense of the latest doctrinal atrocity of the Church of England.

The bishop made his submission as public affairs’ vice-chairman for the Church’s Mission and Public Affairs Council. He said: “For a Christian, death is not the end, and is not to be avoided at all costs.”

So if it will cost a few hundred or thousand extra quid to see a struggling life into the world, I guess we're just supposed to remember that economic cost always trumps God's own will in bringing a life into the world.

To be absolutely fair, this may be the singular opinion of a wayward Bishop in Southwark--we know how individual Bishops can occasionally give rise to preposterous statements. However, if allowed to go unchallenged, this is clearly a serious threat to Anglican Doctrine--the Church of England may be following the trail blazed by their American Cousins.

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What was that bishop smoking?!?

Yipes! What a misuse - that rationale is supposed to be used to explain why one should accept death before committing sin, not to justify offing the innocent when they become inconvenient!

Thanks for the post Steven.

I feel an immense sense of gratitude to the Anglican bishop who has clarified this matter of Christian doctrine for us. Apparently it is no longer "Life is a sacred gift from God", but "Life not worthy of life". If one had read the bishop's statement without knowing the author, one might have thought it was written by Goebbles, not a Bishop.We live in precarious times.



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