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Probably several, a review of Let God's Light Shine Forth supertitled The Spiritual Vision of Pope Benedict XVI. And it should come as no surprise to you that while I am an obedient son of the Church and will take my direction from the authoratative teachings that this servant of God produces and he has the duty of my loyalty to him as head of the Church, unlike the previous Pope, he does not have my affection. He doesn't need it, and he is none the less for it because I pray for him and for his intentions with every bit of the fervor that I did for Pope John Paul the Great. However, this compendium is instrumental in helping me understand the disconnect between us and I'll say more about that in my review.

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That's odd how different folks affect us differently. I loved JPII so much that I thought it'd be impossible to replace him in my heart. But now I love B16 more. Its not either/or of course. I teared up when I watched him tear up on his arrival ceremony in Bavaria, for example. Maybe seeing him in Rome actually helped me connect to him more. He definitely has my affection!



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