All Saints

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Today is a day to remember, praise, and thank the Saints for their everyday (if that is a possibility in Heaven) work for us.

In my Academy speech, I would like to thank:

(1)The Blessed Virgin Mary for teaching me humility in so many different ways and for being the constant stumbling block to my reforming protestant mind.

(2) St. Therese of Lisieux, whose constant efforts on my part have availed so little so far, but in whose prayers I have every confidence, and whose desire to work good on Earth makes me desire to see her prayers come to fruition.

(3) St. Patrick, who nearly single-handedly established the system that preserved much of antiquity for western minds and eyes.

(4) St. Teresa of Avila, constant intercessor and close friend, a person I would be honored to call Mother--practical, kind, and above all joyful.

(5) St. John of the Cross, joyful, humble, and a constant inspiration to one so lost.

(6) St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross--humbling the intellect and the person to serve those dying while dying herself.

(7) St. Augustine, who better articulated the mind of most men of my acquaintance, and certainly to some extent my own than any other Saint. He gives me hope that salvation may be attained through grace and perserverance.

(8) St Catherine of Siena--courageous, truthful, crusader who had the gumption and the determination to set the Pope back on the right track, who also served the poor and the ill where she lived.

(9) St Katherine Ann Drexel--friend of the friendless, constant companion of those who had no champion, a true American example of holiness.

(10) St. Elizabeth Ann Seton--whose dedication to children and to their education helps us to focus on what is important here and now, the nurturing and care of our little ones that they may raise up a new generation better than our own.

Naturally, these are idiosyncratic and only a bare start. But thank goodness for this day to honor all of the Saints who have gone before us and who go before God for us, praying constantly and working good on Earth through their prayers.

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All saints from Summa Minutiae on November 1, 2006 4:12 PM

Following Mr. Riddle's inspired lead, thanks to... St Augustine, who brought me back, St Charles Borromeo, who graciously (of course) puts up with sharing a name with me, St Benedict, ever the patient father, St Joseph, who never waits til the novena i... Read More


Dear Steven,

An inspired post! Mine is at

Thanks -


It's times like these I'm glad I'm not in Heaven yet. I'd hate to be around when St. Joseph finds out you snubbed him. If I were you, Steven, I'd lay low for a few days until he cools off a bit.


I'd add St. Philomena and St. Christopher (sorry, guys!).

And St. Jerome, St. Simeon Stylites, and St. Cyril of Alexandria (you can be crabby and vituperative and still be holy.)

And St. Josaphat (you can be unfashionably Petrine and a poke in the snoot to grouchy Ortho-maniacs and still have a feast day!)

And Sts. Wenceslas, Olaf, Eric, and Louis (it's possible to be a pol and a sword-wielder and still be a leaven to the world.)

And Henry Benedict Cardinal Stuart, Rafael Cardinal Merry del Val, Alban Butler, Richard Challoner, Popes Pius XII, Paul VI, John Paul I, and John Paul II (any of you guys in the Congregation for the Causes of Saints need a hand? Hurry up please, it's time!)

Amen and amen.



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