Reminders for the Sake of Humility

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St. Therese is often noted as having said that we do not need to seek out mortifications, they are there in abundance in everyday life. And yesterday's gaffe with the World Series is just one case in point.

Also yesterday, I was reminded of the dreadful shortcomings of what was really, relatively speaking, a fine education. I discovered amidst the fuss and flurry of a bunch of research the Sarmatians and their near cousins the Alani and the the Narts.

When we think of the corners of history that we individually know so little about, it is really a prompt to humility. Sometimes it may seem like we are at the helm--but the reality is most of us are belowdecks and struggling just to keep dinner down.

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The further I go in my fine education, the more I realize what I will never know.

We'll let you slide on the World Series gaffe just this once. ;-)


Dear Goodform,

Alas, I fear this is a place where recidivism is more likely than not!



Steve, For some reason the last sentence in this post came back to me while I was walking last night...seems like I do my best thinking then :) Although you didn't intend it in this regard, it seems like its a pretty accurate reflection on life in this world as we know it. Very refreshing to hear someone admit it! And, BTW, I wouldn't have known if you hadn't because I have no clue who is in the World Series.

Dear GB,

Far from not meaning it, you somehow traced the exact trajectory of my thoughts--they strayed, as they often do in blogland from the point--but you got the meaning of their straying. Thanks.





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