Office of the Dead

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I changed my morning routine this morning and offered the Office of the Dead. A little autistic boy, 5 years old, got away from his family while they were bring groceries in from the car. He liked to run, and he liked water. Unfortunately, where I live, there is no shortage of drainage ponds and other holes filled with water. He found one of them and it took searchers two days to find him. All of this happened within two blocks of where I live.

I am certain of God's mercy, and I hope with perfect assurance, that this small child now sees clearly for the first time ever. But I offer the office for him and for his family. Please join your prayers to my own for the comfort of the distressed family, so sore-wounded by the loss of a child. It never fails to send a shock right through me.

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I beg you to pray for the preservation of the parents' marriage. Friends who have lost a child told me that the divorce rate for such couples is very high.

How sad. I'll remember him and his family.

That's devastating, and even scarier because it could happen to any family. Our prayers are with them.



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