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I'm guessing from a post on Roz's blog that Detroit won the world series. So my congratulations to all those Detroit Fans--Roz, Goodform, etc.

Now for a bit of embarrassing revelation--I didn't even know the series was going on until I glanced at her blog a week ago and then I divined only that it involved Detroit and somebody else. Talking to someone of Saturday night, I had no idea that the last game was being played.

You know, if it doesn't involve water (or books) it just doesn't seem to impinge on my consciousness at all. I suppose I should be chagrined and shame-faced over this, but I just can't muster up any shame. Never have paid attention and at this late date, doubt that I shall start.

But that doesn't stop me from congratulating all of those to whom it did matter.

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Well, they won the pennant which gets them a step closer to the World Series... but it sure was exciting, nonetheless. :)

Dear Dan,

My, it do go on and on and on do it not? And how ignorant I am of it. So sorry. Perhaps someone will do me the courtesy of letting me know when the Series itself starts. Otherwise I'll just have to stumble into it on Roz's blog.



I could see where her "Pinch Me" title led you to that conclusion. But call it a case of premature pinchulation.

The Tigers won the American League Championship on Saturday. That sets them up to play in the World Series which starts this Saturday against the National League Champions which will be either the St. Louis Cardinals or the New York Mets.
God bless,



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