Our Next Step?

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Patient Loses Right to Food Case hat tip to The Western Confucian.

So "civilized" Europe goes, so lickspittle American intellectuals are in hot pursuit. Don't be surprised to see it coming to a hospital or doctor's office near you--funded, of course, by the hard-pressed record-profit-making insurance companies whose interest is not your health and well being, but their bottom line--wihich is deeply disturbed by keeping you alive. Hideous.

I was at a lecture a few weeks back which began with the prediction that few people in that room would likely be allowed to live out their natural span if things continued in this way. I can see it coming very, very rapidly. Efficiency and profit uber alles.

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This is obscene. And, being in an imprecatory psalm sort of mood, I hope the ruthless bastids who refuse to give this man justice end up dying of thirst.

I know, I know, not nice. Grrrr.

God bless this man. I hope he gets a miraculous healing. Sometimes, God moves in very big ways. I hope this will be one.


Dear Mir,

You merely say what most of us work hard to suppress. It is my ardent prayer that this man find a place that will not do to him what has been authorized. It is my further prayer that those who made this very poor decision do not experience themselves the dreadful consequences of their own thought and that they be brought into the light of our Savior--only in this way will any of us be saved, here or in eternity.

Thank youf for your compassion and your comment.





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