An Invitation to Versify

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The haiku below serves as the blog invitation to linked-verse:

Fall fell in one night
cold crept in, painting the sky,
summer's cessation

To help in the project, use the comments box to complete the haiku above by adding two seven syllable lines to form a tanka and then adding a haiku (5-7-5) for the next contributor to complete. I'll leave this open for a couple of days to give us a chance to generate some responses. The theme is autumn wherever you happen to be--which may mean spring for those of you down-under.

I'll take one or two of the ones that appeal to me and continue. But if there are other entries and other people would like to continue them at their own blogs, I am open to that as well. The object here is not high literature, but an enjoyable exercise that everyone can engage in and begin to discovery the intricacies and beauties that are Poetry first hand. So please contribute!

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Like grey leaves, our lives grow dim.
Will we see the winter's birth?
Drive, work, a pay stub:
These define life's borderlines.
Happiness eludes.

To be found again in sweat
Spent for love without reward.


O little bold squirrel,
You cross the road fearlessly,
But brother lies dead

The calendar page rustles
Smoke in the rain wind wakes me

One last cricket song
Train whistles while gutters drip
Dark night but cheerful

Cool in the nostrils
Running loose on the wet grass
Fall remembers me

Now grass is dry from summer
Heat lingers on golden hills

As our summer ends
We wait for the winter rain
But first the wild fires

I am her friend and lover
waking to her misty dawn
prayers spill from mouths --
cloudy little pools of hope
lost as the day warms



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