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I miss out on so much because my stats counter doesn't filter a lot of stuff and after the first few days of the month people who visit from distant lands are pushed to the bottom that I cannot read while the spiders rule. This month I was fortunate enough to find among my visitors a very interesting site with a most interesting name and epigraph Jelly-Pinched Theatre appears to be a site interested both in Relgion and, most interestingly, The Literary Gothic--one of my very favorite sites. I never fail to be amazed when I encounter persons with similar taste among the faithful; but then I suppose that is why we are the Catholic Church rather than the "almost-Catholic Church."

Visit if you're so inclined for a nice review of Lady in the Water among other delights.

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And, lucky me, I know him! He and his lovely wife attend our parish! He is cool, isn't he?

Thanks, MamaT!

Steven, many thanks for the plug! I've rather got into the habit of not commenting, I'm afraid. Lurking's just easier--but I shall attempt to remedy that in the future.

As to the Lit Gothic, I found it last year while working on a project for an Education class, and found it to be a terrific resource for teaching and for my attempts to revitalise the horror genre (see here and here if you're interested).

Thanks again!

Hello from Grand Blanc, Michigan. God bless you!!
Tom :-)



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