The Exorcism of Emily Rose

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In addition to touring south Florida, I'm spending many of my evenings with my good friend watching movies. He had recommended The Exorcism of Emily Rose, and while I had regarded the prospect somewhat dubiously before, the weight of his recommendation was sufficient to convince me that the move might be worth viewing.

It is a well-crafted, interesting, indeed compelling film. While there are very intense moments, and while one might have some small quibbles with the way certain details are handled (for example the new-agey explanation of possession), the film is rock solid and well-acted.

The story centers around the trial of a priest who is accused of negligent homicide (or reckless endangerment, or something of the sort) in the death of a young woman. Most of the story unfolds in the courtroom. There are a few melodramatic scenes here and there, but nothing that is so out of tone with the film as to derail it.

The story told is interesting in a great many ways. It asks questions about the supernatural world that we would be anxious to know the answers to. It explores the reactions of different people to the tale of possession and it ends on a rather nebulous note. So nebulous indeed that one can come to all sorts of conclusions about what the makers of the film were trying to say. Ultimately, moments just before the end credits roll make it fairly clear where they are coming from.

A finely acted, occasionally frightening film. Well worth seeing, but certainly not for children.

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I think this movie is awesome. The girl who played Emily Rose ought to be put up for some best actress award. There were some truly scary moments in this movie. One of the scariest for me was when the boy who helped Emily back to her dorm room woke up to find her staring at him while her body was in a contorted position. That one really sent shivers down my spine, and movies almost never truly scare me.
I also liked when the priest forcefully spoke back to the demon(s) in Latin. I don't know why other than it was cool for lack of a better description right now.
God bless,

I did not want to see this movie -- I expected a re-make of "Exorcist." But I'm very pleased I saw it! A friend (theologian) and I saw it on the "Big screen" -- which really enhanced the threatening and scary ambiance.

I felt that the movie asked questions in a sensitive way, without attempting easy answers. As a ratiionalist of sorts, I dont' usually worry about the things this movie raised. But I'm thinking more, now, about the forces of evil in the world -- the incarnate forces.

Thanks for reminding me of this movie. I'm going to get it on NetFlix and see it again.




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