Strait is the Gate and Narrow is the Way


Jesus rarely speaks to a crowd as a crowd. Rather, when He makes His statements, it seems that they are made to the group at large to be applied by each person individually. For example, the header to the post above makes no sense whatsoever viewed in the context of the Saints of God. How many ways, how many paths, how many different means of being did they find all within this supposedly straight gate and narrow way.

But the gate IS strait and the way IS narrow for each person. For the gate is knowing and loving Jesus Christ and the way is the particular path designed by God for the individual. There is no deviation from this path which is the Way of Jesus Christ. There are an infinite number of decisions to make as one walks it. However, these decisions are guided by the strict laws of the Decalogue and the words of Jesus Himself. Because the entry is tight and the way is narrow, it is hard to get lost on it.

Many worry themselves over minor decisions in their lives. "What is God's will for me?" They look for some oracle or sign, they play Bible Roulette, anything that will reveal the particular way. But when both choices or all of the choices are licit, it is by no means certain that they aren't all available unless God decides otherwise. There are many ways to serve Him and many, many ways of being ourselves in Christ.

Once again, the paradox of Christianity. The entry is tight, the way is narrow, but the way is Jesus Christ Himself, infinite and complete. It is a narrow way of following Him in all of His broadness. We are not cramped by this narrow way because compared to the way of the world, the avenuse along which the trees of life grow are as broad as the sea itself.

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